Its sad when you watch people destroy others because of their pride. The world revoles around no one. Not even me. Look at the big picture before you act out. You can never change the past and it will follow you for life. Make sure you can live with the damage you create. I have made peace with my mess. Can you say and do the same?

Yes, I'm in an open relationship with a gay man. That's why it's OPEN!!!

Just trying to make it as a blue collared worker, working in a factory...we make GUM... That's right, I'm your gum dealer. Pay up, bitches!!!

If you know me, you know Luekemia is a tough subject for me. I've got the ink to help me through it and an awesome Grandpa that fought for so long. RIP John Errico

Living with a puppy that's just as psycho as i am. She fits her "Rebel" name. She's my baby and I'm not gonna deny spoiling her sometimes. But at the end of the day I always have a rat terrier puppy curled up behind my knees under the blanket.

I am my own soap opera anymore. Love me or hate me, there's no room for you drama, so I don't even listen anymore. Karma's been hangin' around for far too long. I'm done with games. I'm just going to give my love to my animals for now. My main man is a 20 year old beauty with a need for speed much like mine. We fight every now and then, but I doubt I'd love him as much if he was that docile. I like a little fight now and then. I'd take an afternoon run with him over a moonlit walk with anyone else. I love Apache ;-) Who else would I be talking about?

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