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light hearted


make me famous guyz (i'll add more tracks later)

also pls at LLEASt listen to track 2 actually just skip to it i LOVE three siblings I can not believe fuckdin LILYM got picked over them im Still salty and sad

  • Coffee & Tea by Eddy Kim & Solar (Of Mamamoo)
    FUCKINFFD bless
  • Suddenly I see @K팝스타 시즌4 by Three Siblings 삼남매
    this is my soundcloud account dude!!! also this is my FAVE
  • Already One Year by Lee Jin Ah Ft. Jung Seung Hwan – 벌써 일년
    MY BOY SEUNGHWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n lee jinah
  • Fried Eggs 계란프라이 (with Chanhyuk) Live by IU 아이유
    please listen to this
  • 시간아 천천히 by 이진아
    yum yum yum is shit compared 2 this guyz
  • QnA (With Tiffany 티파니 Of [Girl's Generation] ) by Han Hee Jun (한희준)
    im just putting random things in now
  • 네일 했어 (Feat. 박정현) by 프라이머리
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