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Dubstep That Gives You Chills: Series III / Part II

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sam ive missed u! thanks for continuing to produce sweet playlists. also, i agree about the direction of dubstep tracks recently.. whats up w that??

Thanks for sticking around!

It's an interesting thing, people seem to have stopped really producing the dubstep that I really loved and enjoyed. Of course, there is always some you can rely on, Seven Lions, Adventure Club, Bronze Whale & Ianborg as well as others.

I don't know really. It just seems to have become less cool :(

I FUCKING LOVE YOUR DUBSTEP THAT GIVES YOU CHILLS PLAYLISTS. I swear your music is the only thing getting me through dental hygiene school. Keep em coming!

Shall do! If I'm being completely honest, the real problem I'm facing right now is finding dubstep that I enjoy. It seems to have gone downhill a bit :(