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Dubstep That Gives You Chills... Series Two

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Sir could you make a playlist for dubstep to listen to when you are like fucking angry or something,like anger which could destroy the world..
would be waiting...
BTW this playlist is just another piece of awesomeness here :)

I can indeed make on of these playlists, give me a few days to muster the necessary tracks.

And any ideas what you would want the mix to be called?
And thanks!

As burnt out as I am on dubstep, every time you drop a new playlist, I get sucked right back in. Knock it off lol. Your playlists are incredible.

Dude way to kind, and I had the same feeling as you for a bit. To me, dubstep was becoming generic. But some artists, notably Adventure Club, rekindled my love and passion for the genre. So yea,to cut a long story short, I'll always keep doing these if you want them :)