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Summer Breeze


Sup, Sam here.
Sometimes I like to chill in the evenings, just when the sun goes down, but the breeze is still warm on your face.

These are the songs which let me re-live these types of moments.

You guys deserve this mix

Featuring Rameses B, Sizzlebird and TwoThirds

8 tracks
7 comments on Summer Breeze

Hi Sam! I love that hour of dusk, too. The dimmed light, the long shadows. In the summer when the days are too hot, the nights are then perfect, and everything wraps around you warm comfortable exciting.... Similar to the satisfaction that comes from the right step song, a full-bodied dance move, and music from a friend in Hong Kong :) Thank you again! You did make this one for me right?? haha, xxx Nina

mmm it is purrrrrfect ;) A sexy slowdown from your other mixes. Something about the song "Flying into Toyko" makes me feel so good. Keep it coming and good luck finishing school and all that.

thanks alot, once again amazing to have feedback as good as this! Love flying into Tokyo, epicly chilled. Henry has finished school now, i got 2 years :P