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The mountains are calling


Sounds from the valley of Kashmir. Hindustani (Indian) classical music tracks. Traditional Indian instruments like Santoor ( folk instrument from Kashmir), tabla (Indian drum), flute are predominant.

8 tracks
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Hey, i'm really into the song Raag Puriya Kalyan!!! The youtube link attached to it is not the same track... is this name incorrect? Where can i find the right song. I also looked at the Chandni album and that song is not listed.

thanks for the mix!

I apologize, the youtube link was not for this song. The link has been disabled.
It is from the album "Chadni', but in the album it is named as Dance instrumental. I not exactly an expert on Indian classical music, but judging by the limited knowledge, the tune seems to be derived from Puriya Kalyan raag and Pahari raag. I will post updates, if I find further information on this song. Thanks for listening!