Samantha Ciotti
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In this kingdom by the sea...

4 comments on In this kingdom by the sea...

Great mix! You have a very interesting taste in acoustic tunes, I like it. Try this little mix I made, I think u might like some of the indie/acoustic songs I have on there :)

How did you get people to listen to yours? :) I just made this playlist last night and I don't know my way around 8tracks very well.

I suppose you could post the link on social media websites. But I didn't do anything. Just give it time and the viewers will come to you! Good luck. :)

Making a good mix + lots of luck is the key to it... When 20 people played your mix and 10 of them liked it, than it must be good, so 8tracks makes sure it will be seen. It will be marked as gem/hot :) When that happens, you'll get your so much wanted listeners.