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a sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear.

You may often find life overwhelming, odd and even a little bit silly. When you do, just smile, take a breath, and do the very best you can. Here's a small list of songs that may help get you through your muddled mess. - S

30 tracks
3 comments on Mellifluous

I was in the hospital trying to find music that will help me feel better and this whole playlist was beautiful. Thank you so much for creating it. The songs were very soothing and I never skipped any song. You're amazing. ❤️

@scarlethrod I'm so unbelievably happy to hear that! Music has such a beautiful was of making us feel better, and I'm so happy that you enjoyed it! Thank you sweetheart!

This is amazing, I've fallen in love with every single word of each of these songs. The beats releasing the soft moans and sighs I cannot release throughout a largely busy day of mine. This playlist is almost as beautiful as you but I don't think anything can truly compare♥️