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I gotta ask - Stumpchester...?! not that you'll see this, obvs. Right, I've listened to 8 Madchester mixes - and The Only One I know...?! C'mon!

I do check 8tracks sometimes :-)

I used to run a website called Stumpy Moose with my friends so Stumpchester comes from that.

I'm originally from Rochdale. Back in 1996, I was living in Sheffield and my girlfriend at that time decided she wanted to move back to Prague (she'd been a teacher here before) and it seemed like a good idea. Seventeen years on, I'm still here, so I guess it worked out OK :-)

hello! Wish this thing did PMs - We've a lot in common me an' thee... so how did a Manc (I'm assuming) end up in Prague...?! X❤️X