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Kings and Queens

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cYou are simply one of the most talented mixers I have ever seen. This playlist is a masterpiece with more heart than I can express through these words. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful mix of amazing songs that fit one of the best shows ever perfectly. I see that as of right now you have four mixes overall. I am so excited to listen to them all, especially the one about Nico Di Angelo as he is from my favorite books series of all time. I beg you to make more playlists about ATLA, Korra, ROTG, ROTBTD, the Percy Jackson book series, the Heroes of Olympus book series, and anything else that you enjoy, because I know they will be great. Please, please make more mixes... Stay Sentient, wintersam...

@Infinite Sentience Thank you so much for taking the time to say this. I really tried to capture the friendship of all of them in this mix and it's amazing to hear that you love it so much. I will definitely make more mixes for all kinds of fandoms so stay tuned :)