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the (re)mixtape | we have been here before


"the (re)mixtape | we have been here before" is my first playlist. It started out as a mixtape composed of remixes of my favorite songs, however, halfway through its creation it turned into a winding, bittersweet, love-story. The inspiration for the title is twofold: this mixtape features remixes of songs many of you will have listened to before, and, the ups and downs of love are something we have all experienced in our own lives, hence, we have all been there before. Make what you will of it, and happy listening.

13 tracks
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Came over from Reddit -- you've introduced me to a lot of great new songs, and I sure do recognize that bittersweet feeling of love myself! So thank you for successfully invoking that

@EleventhAnnie Thank you! I was hopeful that some of the tracks would be new to people, but I wasn't sure as some of the original versions are pretty recognizable. Cheers!