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Angel of Music


A couple of my fav songs from The Phantom of The Opera like the 25th anniversary, covers, etc; that muscial is the very first one I ever know.

[You have entered my theater so you are now my guests, please, enjoy the new production of MY opera house...while you can. -OG]

12 tracks
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Just awesome! I've seen Phantom live both here in the States and in Australia - never fails to tap into so many wonderful emotions. Thank you so much for providing this site - I will now visit it daily. :)

Do to shitty tricks of 8tracks both Overture & Masquerade songs were gone and some songs were going to disappear in like a week or so, so I change them up-with other good ones-hope you still like this mix and complain to 8tracks about the policy of 'no more tan 2 songs from the same thing b#$"sh*t thing' >3< Love you guys!! <3