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Enjoy The Jamboree


To feel that you are at Disneyland for a whole day from dawn to dusk; a mix with ride audio, shows, background music and more.

[The ninth mix of my Disney Parks playlists; next mix will be a Rainy Disney Day °o°]

32 tracks
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I might take my first trip out to Disneyland this year, so this is perfect. I'm really curious about what Rainy Disney Day will be like!

@wishing thanks, hope you can go and with the 60 anniversary better! You are the first to ask about that mix (almost forgot about it) but I guess you can expect to hear about it next month since February will be just for OTP mixes, but I DO have the cover and the concept so yes, hope for the best!

@SammyDG I didn't even know it was the 60th anniversary until I saw your comment! (I'm a seasoned Disney World traveler but know very little of Disneyland.) Anyway, thanks for that info and I just wanted to say I will indeed be hoping for the best with Rainy Disney Day!

@wishing You're welcome, honesty time here, I'm more a Disney World girl too but I like to be updated in ANY of the Disney Parks lastes news; so yeah, thanks ;3

Remember guys; if you want to these mixes to keep going please like others mixes (or leave a comment) to know that you want me to continue. If not, I'll think that you don't want me to do these any more... :/