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I can see what's happening


A mix of Disney & Pixar songs that you can listen to cry and/or get emotional both of happiness & sadness. Imagine yourself getting through the same stuff as them, dam! I still cry like a baby in those moments-and I'm eighteen!

[Hope you like it, I must certainly will. If you want to add a song let me know ;3]

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Candle on the Water gets me every time! Now, I'm only on the 9th song but I can tell this is going to be good! If the "If Only (Quartet)" song isn't already on here, from The Little Mermaid on Broadway, I think it could fit in really well. But it's up to you, of course! Also, I really love the cover on this one. I hope you keep making these kinds of mixes. I listen to Wake Up With Disney a lot. :)

@captainzarina well thank you! *sniff sniff* you make me cry with that lovely comment of yours :') BTW you are right you know, I wanted that song on these but was a little unsure about it, but I'll do it! ALSO one of the Beauty and The Beast on Broadway I also wanted in these mix; thanks for your advise. BTW if you like my disney mixes you could pass by my Disney Parks mixes :9

@SammyDG Ha, you're welcome. :) And I'm glad you're adding the songs you wanted to add in the first place! And I've been missing the Disney Parks (Disney World specifically) lately, so I'll probably check some of those mixes out!