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I'm on my way


A mix for you to get ready for your vacations wether they are by an exciting road trip or a relaxing plane, pack your things with this happy and cheerful mix.

(I know I could have done a mix of very random songs and stuff of the parks but some of you might not even visited the parks, so these is for first time to go and the ones who love a good disney song on it's way to somewhere)

[A BONUS mix of my Disney Parks playlists, enjoy it]

50 tracks
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Loving this mix! It's my new go-to for getting things's just so happy and motivating. Applause and well done!!

@dolewhips O.O* Holly Hera! Really?! Gods, can't believe dolewhips just said he/she (dunno your gender) liked one of my playlist! I'm one big fan or your mixes! ♡ You inspired me to do Disney Parks mixes! [Taking back composture *clear throat* look all finnese and normal] Thanks for the comment ♡ ;3

@SammyDG ok so the air around me is OFFICIALLY full of squiggly hearts. Thank you for your sweet words, and hooray for the Disney love!! Big hugs.

omg!!!!' I wanted to find something energtic to listen to while pack at night. Totally fit my situation right! Bcuz Im packing for Disney World Orlando!!!!!! I love your mix!!! thank you~~~~

TIP: Other good mix of mine to pack or just listen is my DISNEYMANIA!! mix for the fun of hearing a disney mix, please comment what you think and questions or requests will be accepted, thanks ;3