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Take me to Neverland


A mix for you to hear when you are in love, when your date or that special someone invites you to go to Disney, you can hear these mix if you are there or in your bedroom daydreaming (whatever you want) ♡

[A BONUS mix of my Disney Parks playlists, enjoy it]

14 tracks
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hi @SammyDG , would it be possible for me to request the .mp3 or .mp4 files for these? :) I have tried to look for them either online or on iTunes, but can't find the exact ones! Your choice was impeccable and I'd love to be able to play it over and over again, haha :)

@gracentranced of course, listen, you see my link to tumblr? you have one? just message me there your email and I'll be honored to send you the archive of my mp3 of these mix ;) any problems contact me here again.