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Best Hip Hop/Rap Sampling


11 hip hop and rap songs by Yonas, Hoodie Allen, Lupe Fiasco, and more that use awesome samples, and don't sound like crap. Well, if the songs sounded like crap, then I would not have included them. So no crap in this playlist. Just some good rap songs that sample some other goods songs. But they don't sample crap songs. Well I did not like Nothin' On You too much, it was crappy, but the rap sample is dope, so I guess it's ok. Just listen.

9 tracks
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Now that I look back, reading the below comment portrays my excessive boredom. I fell I must add that your rebuttal was sound, and his grasp on the english close to offensive. The original argument put forward is subjective, lacking any evidence to back up his claim that the "old g have to keep hip hop alive". Actually, once i read the comment again, my only logical conclusion is that A, you need to try harder at school, or B, go back to school. Good playlist...

I apologize in advance, Whitewolf30, for behaving poorly on a website such as this. This post has nothing to do with your taste in music, however, I feel it is necessary to address your particularly awful grammar. I have no idea where to begin, but I assume that you must know that you do not capitalize a letter mid-sentence if it is not a proper noun. Second, "n" does not suffice for the word and. Third, you have completely ignored necessary punctuations in your complaint of my carefully crafted playlist. Finally, your assertion that "nobody good" disgusts me. Although I am not bothered by your conclusion to your rant, I am in fact cringing after reading what I can only imagine to be a cat sleeping on your keyboard. Good luck learning to read, and thank you for listening to my playlist.

Dre ice cube, snoop dogg n other old g have to keep hip hop alive drake sucks lil wayne sucks jayz horrible music a long time many new rappers sucks nobody good

Best rappers Is texas n east n west coast rap music is dying sinc big n pac lleft n hip hop is fading new generation sucks n beats are horrible aint feeling it

Getting some music ready for summer and I really like the music in this playlist. Mind doing me a big favour and sending the names of the songs to Thanks so much.