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This is doing wonders to my jetlag! If I was asked to name covers that beat their original I´d surely put Bradley´s version of Changes along with Donny Hathaway´s cover of Jealous Guy and Samuel Peterson´s unedited live cover of Aguilera´s Beautiful.

@tkyd BTW, @RabidRod performed a stellar version of China Girl in a Portuguese-named karaoke bar in Japantown this weekend. Sorry you missed it!

@Samuel_peterson @tkyd Sam´s calling it stellar cuz (i) the audience started to see stars due to the ear pain I was inflicting and (ii) I managed to avoid some shurikens being thrown at me.

@cactusdoink @Samuel_peterson Cause I am not the biggest fan of david bowie or iggy. I respect them both, but that is about it. And the order you put them in threw me. It seemed to be original then "cover"

@cactusdoink @Btrxz Fair point. I guess I broke stride there (thinking about the more well-known version rather than the original). 'Pologies!

@cactusdoink @Samuel_peterson @Btrxz To be fair I was totally confused too....and to be fairer, still am. I know I can just google it, but I'm gathering Bowie wrote the song for Iggy.