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a silhouette cut from the fabric of a moonless night


'Serpents in the Cold' is a crime novel about uncovering dark secrets and going against the odds for the sake of redemption. Two friends traverse the frozen landscape of Boston in the 1950s to solve a murder that runs a violent trail deep through the city and its many shadows.

a soundtrack to the beautifully crafted story co-written by my pal @spoonhead and his partner-in-crime @tommyo

Pick up your copy here:

13 tracks
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You have read me mind Sam, I was planning on mixes as soundtracks to the books I'm reading. This is so good, especially with the chant at the end, a real stunner. I'm about to check out this book too, looks very interesting and I'm a big reader.

@Conjuror Cheers!! @spoonhead deserves most of the credit here, but I was neurotic enough to keep track of all the songs/performers mentioned in his novel and then go find the best versions possible of each to assemble my soundtrack. So, I'll take a small portion of the kudos. ;)

@Samuel_peterson & @spoonhead You are both bloody amazing and you shall expect my take on this project within the next few days. Once again, I congratulate you on your novel mr. spoonhead, I would love to read it :)