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a strangely isolated place


Each year, winter imprisons me for a time. My heart retreats to a dark corner. My body grows weak and misshapen from disuse. When I emerge from the darkness, sunken eyes peer out from behind a veil of whiskers and sleep, mistrusting. I'm stepping out this morning, hoping that, finally, a blue sky will appear on the horizon, a quiet, steadfast harbinger of hope.

(image: Andreas Drude)

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I included another track of Nils Frahm as an introduction to one of my playlists and honestly it's a great surprise to see/hear him closing yours. This guy is amazing and deserved a place in your beautiful mix. Thank you

I agree. I've dropped a few of his tracks on other mixes of mine in the past. I continue to be impressed by his playing and recording. I'm really glad you found your way to this mix and enjoyed what you heard. Thanks for letting me know!

Three tracks in, hit the like button. Followed SB over here and here is where I will stay for awhile - just 165 left to listen to! Thanks for your efforts.

Welcome! Stay forever. I'll make room.
I can't promise that all the other mixes here are as good as this (I'm quite proud of this one); however, I can guarantee that you will not be bored. Let me know your thoughts once you've had a chance to explore a bit. I love getting feedback on my little projects!