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back to basics


9 tracks featuring natural elements as the primary musical source, including plant-powered synthesizers, a stalactite pipe organ, 2x4s of various length being beaten mercilessly, the annual rings of a cross-section of ash played on a turntable, percussive puddle jumping, and a whole lot more for your dreamtime adventures

9 tracks
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@Frankie Says Retro I'm really glad to hear that. I know this one's a bit offbeat, but I'm really happy that so many people have heard it. This type of music doesn't often make its way into the regular rotation. Thanks for checking it out!

One of the best times of my life was spent sitting on a log in the middle of Hawksbill Creek with a sandwich and a bottle of red wine all by myself in the sunshine for hours. I have a real fondness in my heart for Luray...not that this story has anything to do with my mix. :)
I'm glad you liked what you heard though, and I'm glad I had a nonsensical story that I could tangentially relate to your comment.

I love those marimba & pinquin pieces, especially. You know any other mixes w/music like this? (I have a couple similar tracks on this mix: , but they're not nearly as stripped down like your examples). Thanks!

Just put yours in my listen later queue. I'll get to it soon. Unfortunately, I haven't come across any other mixes exactly like this (and none show up in the sidebar as being similar); however, I do have a few other featuring atypical percussion instruments and some with a greater emphasis on marimba.
Try these out; let me know if I'm anywhere near the mark.