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bajo la sombra no hay sol

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@Samuel_peterson YOU can be so thick som times!!! it went by too fast meaning I was having fun and I wanted more, geezzz. Ok, I will spell it out for you in simple terms. I really liked the mix you posted. I wish it was longer since I enjoyed it so much. Thank you very much!!!!!

@Btrxz Ahhhh...that makes a bit more sense. Of course, we could've avoided some of this confusion if you'd had the decency to click the 'like' button before attacking the size of my contribution, but then we would've missed this opportunity for a pleasant morning chat.

@Samuel_peterson I apologize I crucial mistake on my part., now clicked (you happy now). I did say thank you after my attack on the size of your mix. It was perfect, butI like layes chipsI just wanted more you fucking libtard! :)