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beat tracks for Btrxz

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@Samuel_peterson Sad thing is I find myself in the same predicament. No one made mixes over the weekend. Damn them I need me some new Btches. Who should I follow?

@Btrxz If you actually trust my judgment, you should have a look through my likes and tumble down my personal rabbit hole. And if you're real sweet, I'll make you another one.

@Samuel_peterson I am looking for a 4yr old or older 8tracker with over 200 mixes, someone in their mid 30's or older that is eclectic, with a leaning towards beats and not weird for weird sake. Can you find me someone like that? You know someone who likes to take long walks on the beach and shit in the woods type person!! I don't mind if you post this on all you SM formats. _thx w/love Btrxz