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bucking tradition

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nice! good ingredients for a smashing party, sam's mix and some vittles! i'm about to press play on this bad boy. "african, jazz, world, afrobeat, funk"... what's not to love?!

@nulkmad @Samuel_peterson @roryborealis i've been in a bubble too. @nulkmad - hope you're doing well, long time no chat! hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. happy new year!!!

@aunt13 @Samuel_peterson @roryborealis I am doing well. I found your email that you sent me. I can't believe it got lost in the mix, but I will reply probably within the next year. hehe.

Hey, I totally liked this mix officially from track 1! But my Like disappeared. It's back. All is now right in this little pocket of the world.

You have never once given me cause to doubt your devotion, Sir Bunny. Never fear!

Actually, that same thing has been happening to me lately as well. For what it's worth, the "like" registered both times. So, thanks, thanks!