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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

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Hey, Do you know whose original artwork that image is? It's beautiful! The playlist is pretty cool too :)

@JackJourney Unfortunately, no. I've tried searching by image in hopes of getting back to the source, but all I've come up with are re-blogs of the image itself with no mention of the title or artist. Sorry. :( I'm glad you liked the playlist though. Thanks for listening!

Lovely mix. I have a question: where can I find the first song? That exact remix is great, but it's not on youtube, and it's not even on Joey Fehrenbach's (the remixer) Soundcloud. I would really like to have that one for my collection.

Hey, sorry for the delay; I was away from all computers for a week or so. The entire remix album is available for free, legal download here: