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farewell, friend


In the true spirit of the Halloween season, my good friend, Pat (aka @tkyd), jumped off the mortal coil yesterday, 10/10/2016. I'm sad as fuck about it and am hoping that this pathetic exercise somehow provides catharsis for me and the heap of bereft left behind.

Cover image snapped outside @spacebunnysounds' formerly top-secret space lair just after he, tkyd, and I wrapped up our summit on intergalactic aural domination this past spring.

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This is also one of the reasons why I love 8tracks. In the depths of our memories, music allows us to remain immortal. I can consider your exercise as a temporal capsule that one day humanity will unearth again by chance. Even if I did not know this friend, I share with you the sadness. Tough it may have faded since that October, it makes this playlist even more moving. Beautiful tribute my friend. The kind of I would like to receive If I were to disappear...

@Sowat? What a wonderful message! We should all hope for the very same. Thanks so much for listening and for the lovely comment. Hope all's well with you, friend!

aw man, dj dim told me about your mix, just reading your description and the comments makes me well up with tears. i miss him like hell, he was just the coolest. RIP patrick, i hope he somehow knows we all miss him and hope he's okay. looking foward to hearing this, just finishing out another patrick mix at the moment *hugs*