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Fractional Distillation

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You're just fucking with me, right? Please tell me that Kid n Play didn't use the exact same sample as Special Ed.

I knew that. Well, I *hoped* that.
I sometimes go for whole years forgetting that Kid n Play happened, but the awareness of their existence still haunts me.

Alright now I know what this is all about! Check out @sidekick. She has a mix series about samples going on that you will certainly dig.

Any idea what the series is called? I've been listening to a lot of her stuff lately, all of which is amazing, but I can't seem to find the mixes that you're describing.

Yes it is. Good eye!
And I'm sure it seems a bit misleading for the music that follows, but there was actually intent involved in the decision. Being that he was one of the pioneers of manipulating the sounds of others to create new, original work, this seemed an appropriate place (at least in my scattered mind) to give him a nod.

Ah, well perhaps my rambling will make more sense afterward. Then again, perhaps not.
Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks! It's tough to know sometimes whether I'm appealing to anyone other than myself. However, if I've read you correctly, I do believe that you will enjoy this one in particular.