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I Miss You Most Of All


Welcome to Good Music Inc.'s first Battle of the Mixes! We have gathered some of the best Djs on 8tracks for a little competition. Let the best mix win!

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5 comments on I Miss You Most Of All

I would have to say this is the best mix out of the group that I have heard so far. I tip my hat to you sir, you r brilliant! :D

You guys are way too nice. Honestly, after listening to the entire group, I feel like an old man by comparison.

I think we need to do another Duewet again. Well as soon as they have that account unlocked again lol

@SquaL - the account is back in safe hands - message andy, or me (kinesthesia), or standing bear on fb, and you can have the password
I am glad to hear I wasn't the only one who was brought to tears by this beautiful mix :)

That track was strategically placed to exact sharp emotional unease at precisely the right moment.
Glad to know my plan worked!
@SquaL, I'm ready when you are.
@nulkmad, I like your thinking.