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in a cloud, on a dream

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Lady Somnium knelt amidst the cloudy assembly of the gods, trembling before the seat of Pallas Athena. The goddess reached toward her and laid a pale finger upon her mouth. With the perfume of truth and wisdom lingering on her lips, Lady Somnium rode the chariot of Aurora across the skies in a blaze of rose-pink and thunder. She found Silentium sleeping in a vale of morning dew, surrounded by briars woven tight by the dark lord Oblivion. With the aid of her starry-eyed companion Lucia, Lady Somnium cut through the briars. She found Silentium sighing in quiet sleep and set a shy kiss upon his brow. He awoke to rebirth, and the world ablaze with sun-stained clouds.

Well I was told there would be time enough for rocking when I was old, and now I have to factor in the creators of all of these gems de clásico. Thank you Mr. Peterson.

No reason you can't start early. Why not pour yourself a nice spiked lemonade and kick it into neutral for a while?

Thank you!
Yeah, I heard some of Ludovico Einaudi's work on a nature documentary I watched the other night. That was what prompted me to put this together. It really is quite pleasant in my opinion.

Thank you for introducing me to this divine music. I just found out that Ludovico is playing a concert here in Copenhagen in July, there's no doubt I'll be there! The greatest thing about 8Tracks is all the spectacular music you discover thanks to fellow music lovers :)