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Learned men have told us for ages that the world is round. That is a lie. It is, in fact, teardrop-shaped, and its form is echoed daily in the actions of mankind.

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While enjoying this, I harassed a phone harasser from Michigan (17 times!). In between messages I left kindly inviting them to rot in hell, I also left messages that were just minutes of this mix playing. Did you put something in these tunes, mate? I felt compelled, with purpose. And it was glorious. =)

Very interesting package you've put together here, friend.
I really like the description and I was very surprised to hear some danish in this one, a rare experience I must say.

Thank you!
I know next to nothing about Danish music, but I would love to get some recommendations from a trusted source, if you'd be willing to share.

It will take some time, since I believe there is a lot of rubbish. But I'm thinking of putting something together in the future, perhaps you could get an idea then.