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odds & ends


some bits of fairly traditional jazz with a tidal flow
a suitable accompaniment to morning coffee, afternoon siestas, or evening strolls

Photo by Milt Hinton. Copyright Milton J. Hinton Photographic Collection.
*Louis Armstrong, hotel room, Seattle, 1954

*Satch didn't make the cut this time, but I couldn't resist using this image. I like to think of him behind the scenes, twiddling knobs and whatnot to keep it all moving forward.

15 tracks
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Quite an excellent collection of jazzy trinkets and trunkets here, sir! I'm a big sucker for bop. :) And I like that you've thrown some newer stuff in too.

@katcosmonaut Thanks! I'm pretty liberal with my definition of traditional jazz, but I'm pretty sure the genre intentionally lends itself to such loose interpretation.

@Samuel_peterson Yeah for sure! I think most bebop is probably pretty traditional by today's standards just cause it's been around for so long by now. And there's been SO much that's happened in jazz (and music) since then.