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sonríe como un idiota

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@lindsaymbradley It still feels like vacation, which it is, but very soon that's going to run out, and I'm not entirely sure what happens that. I may be walking the plank, but at least I don't know what's in store for me. That is preferable to the alternative, in my mind.
I certainly hope that you haven't been at work lately.

@Samuel_peterson Ha! Actually, the majority of the summer I've not stepped foot within a 1,000 mile radius of my office. Now that will change tomorrow for the briefest of moments, but otherwise you'd be proud.

Glad you're enjoying the vacation phase of retirement. Sounds lovely! And don't worry, the next phase will get sorted soon enough. If nothing else, at least you're happier--I hope!

Your spanish mixes are always a treat! That first track makes me want to dance and splash around in a puddle wearing those vibram toe-shoes