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Throw Up Thursday

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Nooooooo! You're doing it wrong! If you listen on a Sunday the whole week starts over again the next day! Desist and leave the listening area!

Ummm, sorry, but I just don't think I can be obliged to leave yet. I tried, but there are too many good ones on here for me to stop until it's finished. I'm too far in...Plus, my will power won't allow it.

can i just tell you how unbelievable you are?? that beck track... a personal fav! you always come out with these left-field kinda tracks man, whammo!! just beautiful... you really know how to put one in a mood... :)

You act as though I know what I'm doing here. I assure you, any skill that you may perceive on my part is purely coincidental.

I'm so glad you decided to check it out! I was just wondering about you yesterday. Haven't heard from you in a little while. I hope everything is okay. If not, get wasted and puke all over the place. It may not solve your problems, but it'll provide a nice distraction. Happy Thursday!

aw, i was wondering about you too actually, hoping your hiatus is going swimmingly :) oh wait, shoot, i think i owe you an email don't i...