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valley of the dolls

3 comments on valley of the dolls

God I love this song, in all the versions you delightfully handpicked!
And there seems to be a perfect timing to it.
Thanks mate!

I'm obsessed with this song. First mix to get 100% favored. They are all so spellbinding that I had to repeat the entire thing as soon as it ended.

wowowwow. i've wanted to do this for Wayfaring Stranger but never would've thunk it about this one. you sir, are a genius.

wat?! genius level obliterated. rhodes scholar destroyed. execution level = perfection. this morning, you are my hero.

I once called you "a crimson faced mix-making genius". If you go back to my "Overload-mix" you can see for your self. I will dig into this as soon as I'm done with your newest. You are so bloody productive man!

You're absolutely right. I guess I just assumed that, as English is not your first language, you must have meant something asshole. ; )

Hah! Where I'm from the word is "Geni", so not far from the English version. And I stand by my choice of words.