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I found love where it wasn't suppose to be


"I loved him, more then I thought I could love. I gave in my whole self and let my heart be played by its strings. I gave him my heart for a kiss and my soul for his touch, and now I'm left here with nothing but a shell. Feeling empty as he sucked the very core of my life taking it for his own never to return to me. And as I sit here and ponder the very game and schemes of his ways I can't help to want and desire to hate him.To dispose, and despise his very existence but with all the longing of hate to come to me I can't help but to ask myself if still yet he would return to me, I'm almost certain that I would find him a place in me once again, just to fall back into his hands and recite my vow to give my all and never to receive but only a kiss and a touch from him."

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