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The beatles of Hogwarts.


I've been thinking of how much these boys remind me of the band of Liverpool.

This playlist is James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. The boys that became legend and then ended tragically broken and separated, but never forgotten.
This mix is the Forbidden Forest at full moon, confessed secrets in the library, Sirius' motorcycle, Hogsmade, winter holidays, Lily Evans, the First War and the after-ashes.

This is what they listened to, and what they were.

(fanart by viria13.)

10 tracks
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Haha babble away!! I don't mind. I've got plenty on rdio but I've never got around to putting anything on here... The yoga one was actually my best friend using my account. I will though, eventually. I've got a pretty heartbreaking wolfstar I've been working on.

@sapphiresoul totally! they constantly break me... Hey, I just made a playlist for my favourite character to write about, Marlene McKinnon. (minus the marauders of course haha) She just fascinates me!!

@thetalkinghearts I didn't know about her, tbh. We know so little about the marauders era :( But she seems quite interesting, do you know any good fic about her? (btw, if this is getting too long, you can also message me via tumblr!)

Yes! They do. I've listened to all your other Harry Potter mixes as well, (beautiful) and your Remus one is my personal favourite. (Remus is basically just everything to me....) S&G just GET IT.

@WhenYouSaidTulips Man, I can't really choose between any of them (well, maybe Peter gets the last position, lmao) but Remus is so important to me, for many many reasons. He's a sweetheart, and his story is so tragic, and often ignored. So every bit of love for him makes me happy, ha. His contrast with Sirius is fascinating, too, but that's another story, AND I'M BABBLING, SORRY YOU JUST TOUCHED A STRING HERE. Thank you again, I'll be alert to your playlists in case you want to publish something about hp!

this is so perfect!! also, the boxer is like THE BEST SONG, every time i listen to I just think wow these guys knew what was up. it's such a remus song, for me.

@WhenYouSaidTulips Actually, I was doubting if The Boxer was a song that would properly fit in this mix, but yeah, I agree, it's imposible not to relate it in some parts, specially at the start :) Also, I relate almost any S&G song with Remus (they just catch his essence too well, DAMN)♥ So glad you liked, thank you darling!

I'm not crying. You're crying.
So, there's this wolfstar fanfic (in spanish) were the author talk about the Marauders compairing them with the Beatles, and is awesome (

But well... I just love this mix.

Oh my god, this comment makes me so happy.
I have read Marauder!Crack too!(!1!)

This mix was in fact inspired by Irati's work.
It's so amazing to find other people who have read it, and it's such a shame that it isn't more known beyond the spanish fandom, because IT'S BEAUTIFUL, OKAY.

Also, I was listening your Sirius/Remus mix right now and let me tell you I love it as well :)
¡Gracias por sacarme una sonrisa!

I was on a road trip yesterday,listening to the beatles and I could see the marauders singing in my head, it's so weird how connected they are, good to see I'm not the only one

Aw. Glad to see you have that little connection, too :)
And yes, everytime I listen to the Beatles, a part of me thinks about the Hogwarts boys doing some mischief. I'm pretty sure they loved muggle music as well.

Thank you, you've just made my day!