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Classical Favorites


"Classical music is for old people."
No. Shut up. It's beautiful.

Just some beautiful classical songs. Mostly piano with one guitar. I don't know if the guitar one is exactly classical, but it's beautiful so yeah. A lot of Chopin in here too. I love Chopin so much.

  • Chopin: Mazurka in a minor op 17 no.4 by Sam Liu 1
  • 05 Prelude in E minor by 07
  • Liebesträume No. 3 by Ryo Fukaura: Liszt
  • Frederic Chopin by Frédéric Chopin
  • Waltz in A by minor
  • Chopin: Waltz in C#minor op.64 no.2 by BradHill
  • Claire De Lune by Claire De Lune
  • Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Valse No. 5 in B Minor, Op. 8 by Chopin
  • Scarborough Fair by Claire De Lune
  • Arabesque No. 1 by François-Joël Thiollier
  • 01 Le Petit Negre by natpr
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Wow great mix!! i wanna know your opinion about mine ! .Those are my favorites tracks. schubert for the win.

The "05 prelude E minor" is an improvisation by Brad Stark. The real track name is "2013-07-05 Prelude in E minor". I would know because I made it :) Thanks for listening and sharing the music!