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Doctor Who: One Song Per Episode


Does pretty much what it says on the tin: one song for every Doctor Who episode, 2005-2013. (Two more songs for the upcoming end-of-year specials may be added later.)

Includes some songs that were on the show, but no songs that were *written* for the show- so no Song For Ten etc. There's rock! There's pop! There's musicals! There's some stuff that probably counts as British telly injokes! There's something for every Whovian, hopefully.

At LJ:

100 tracks
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I finally got a chance to listen to the whole playlist straight through (before, time restraints cut me off around S2), and just wanted to say how fantastic your selections are. Some songs (especially C'est La Mort) really hurt me emotionally, but then there were lighter selections to balance that out! I especially enjoyed the period-appropriate songs for the London Blitz and 1960s US episodes, but the entire thing is great!

(But seriously, "don't go without me"? How DARE you.)

eeeee, thank you! I'm really glad you like the period-appropriate ones. They were the most fun. :D
(Sorry for the Pond-related heartbreak, though. ;) )