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Les Miserables Regenerated

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Ooh, I was just wondering if there was any reason you went with What The Water Gave Me as opposed to something sadder or gentler, such as Never Let Me Go? Not criticism, it's just an unusual choice.

I think I'd pick a different song if I was doing it now, but it was mostly for the lines 'But oh, my love, don’t forget me/
When I let the water take me/So lay me down/Let the only sound/Be the over flow' It just seemed to fit. But I reckon I'd use Grace Potter and the Nocturnes' "Nothing But The Water" now...the theme I was aiming for was death + water, you can probably tell. ;)

Thanks for your comments! Thanks a lot. :D

This is fucking sweet! It's awesome how many songs you totally captured the spirit of. My favourites were 'when she loved me', 'uprising, 'in my grave and 'for you to notice me', which I had never heard before!