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I want to go to a place far from the city,
a place that has not been visited by anyone,
a place that makes me feel comfortable and at ease,
a place full of wonders, where all the fairy tales become real,

then I will start a new life..

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Why the title? I am just curious, just want to know what are you thinking? Lately I have been having a hard time to see the sense in our lifes. What is the connection of us to the greater scales of the universe. Do we have a meaning, or are we just here as a consequence of the chaos in our universe? I probably have reached a thousand answers to these questions, yet by the next morning I can see those answers turning into questions again and again. You know, why do we do everything we do? Who do we do it for? Today, while sitting just listening to music, I had found what seemed to calm my mind. It is connection. Everything we do in our lives is to connect. It can be to a greater idea, to our loved ones, to nature itself, to history. With this premise on hand, then I think we can find meaning in what it appears to be a meaningless existence. Maybe it is better just to live like these even though at the end no one will know what is going on. Outside the scope of our tiny lense there is something much simpler, yet its impossible not to feel in awe of its answers.