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cold and dark like your side of the bed.


It's 4:55am, I can't sleep, I miss you.
This mix is ridiculous and I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate it by morning when I gather my shit.

It's so strange not falling asleep & waking up next to you, and even harder these first few days not being able to talk to you but I'm not going to try to convince you to want what you don't.

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okay, I fucking love sometime around midnight by the airborne toxic event. I've loved this song for so long. You literally live the emotions he's talking about. top 10 songs ever. much respect for putting it on here. perfect post-breakup song.

i'm going to say right now, you said the words i have been what i have been feeling but with no tongue to speak which is hard but worse is not knowing the music to express myself with which you also put in order. Thanks for saving my heart the trouble of finding a map.