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summer waves

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Ahh Sarah you beautiful soul , another gem of a playlist playlist, youre such i huge inspiration to most of the stuff i do! Your playlists are what made me want to start even compiling my mixes together, keep it up please (:

I'm so happy you told me this..I love to inspire people through music..I get inspired the same way by other people and other things..I'll keep your mixes in mind and will love them anyhow.

Even though I've never met you and probably never will, your compilations help me through all moods and I just wanted to say thanks , it's one of my dreams to get as big as you have on here ahhaha even if that sounds like a lame dream

Haha it's not lame at all & please, I'm not that big haha! There are users who have 20k followers. I'm just doing my favorite thing and that's sharing my music taste. Thank you though, I appreciate it a lot. I'm glad there's someone out there who enjoys what I your playlists too, and hey, so does DNTST.

Pssh you have more than me, therefore, youre bigger ahaha, DNTST is too great at what he does , hope he gets big one day, that would be wicked.