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I'd Rather Have You

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oh my god you put angel with a shotgun in this mix ahh that's the first time i've seen someone other than me relate it to cas or destiel I JUST LOVE THIS MIX AND YOU OKAY xoxo

Really? I thought it was too overused and almost didn't put it on, despite it being one of my favorite songs :)
I wish I had seen Supernatural before I met the Cab because I would have asked why so many of their songs relate so well!

oh my god you met them?! that's amazing ahhh :) well i've never heard it before haha, maybe it's just not popular in australia/i just haven't seen it much... also i hope you don't mind but i love this mix and i posted it to tumblr a couple days ago so if you want me to take it down because it's not my mix etc then i will :) i credited you and linked your tumblr, etc so i hope it's okay xx