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♔ madeline ♔


this playlist depicts the events involving us in the last year that i've been lucky enough to spend with you. it starts with the angst-filled months of july-janurary [1-5], the night we stayed up hours to discuss our mutual feelings [6], confusing times [7-8], the rekindling of feelings [9-10], missing you while you were off having a wonderful time and learning valuable skills with new friends this summer [11], and our relationship as it stands now (with especially cheesy songs thrown into the mix!!) [12-16].

i love you so much and i can't wait to make more memories with you.

have the bombest sixteenth birthday ever!

love, sara
(P.S: this playlist probably promotes ME to being the biggest cheesecake in the world, but don't EVER think i'll admit that to you irl)

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