Sara 101

1. Ferris Bueller is my hero. And I'm a gypsy.
2. I tend to look at things like a kid.
3. Pierogies are my life essence. And hummus.
4. One of my favorite feelings is going to bed knowing that in the morning I have a tie dyed shirt to unwrap.
5. I tell childhood stories. A lottttt.
6. I want to live where snow doesn't exist. Or at least only on Christmas Eve/Day.
7. Cello is the most beautiful thing. And then, bells. Then, uke.
8. Instead of having a beloved bear or blanket as a child, I had a beloved map of Sussex County, NJ.
9. If you make a gross concoction, I'll probably try it.
10. The scene in Superstar where an entire cafeteria breaks into a song and dance? That needs to happen to me for real at some point in my life.
11. Come on Eileen. One hit wonder, the best song ever. Other favorites: A Lover's Concerto by the Toys, almost anything by Coldplay except their newest album (WTF Chris Martin.), Intermezzo Sinfonico by Pietro Mascagni, Elephant Gun by Beirut.
12. I adore puns. More than you can possibly understand.
13. I want to start a Motown cover band. Right on.
14. Bad grammar, misspelling, and Bump-Its are deal breakers. If you call crayons "crans", hasta la never.
14. The combination of guitar/ukulele, glockenspiels, bells, trumpets, harmonicas, strings, pianos, bongos, and accordions makes me happier than anything. I love indie folk.
15. I detest cartoon shaped macaroni and cheese. Yack.
16. Pale is the new tan.
17. Without fail, I happen to look at the clock at 12:34 AM or PM every day. Eeeees weirdddd.
18. One of my favorite hobbies is making perrrrrfect playlists.
19. I am going to change the world someday, one place at a time. I love everything about global studies, and am fascinated with the world and what it is becoming. I am in love with the idea of helping the less fortunate around the world, and believe that ultimately, we are all family. I cannot wait to see what I can do to make this world a better place.
20. Your music taste is a total make or break with me.
21. I want to hang out with:
-the guys that are shouting and going ape in the backgrounds of the songs: What's Goin' On, Rainy Day Women, and How Sweet it is to be Loved by You (the GOOD, more lo-fi-ish sounding Motown version)
-that guy who is saying WHO DA FLIP knows what at the beginning of Fly by Sugar Ray
-the guys hootin' and hollerin' at the very beginning of Can't Get Next to You by the Temptations
-you if you bring hummus