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Catharsis: Help Help I'm Drowning


This is a mix for helping with a loss. The cover picture? The quote my friend hand wrote to me a few days before she died. These songs were both recommended to me a few days after her death and some I found on my own. This isn't exactly a happy mix. It's to help get out what you need to. 1/10/14 <3

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Keep on breathing, I don't think a simple 'I'm Sorry' would make it up for your loss but keep breathing. Keep feeling the pain and the hurt and the happiness and the moment because you feeling and living on and breathing will keep your memory of your friend alive. She will always be in your heart. The hurting won't stop and the missing won't stop. But take it a breath at a time. Slow down if you need to take your time, shout and scream if you want. But keep breathing for your friend. Keep remembering.