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They are both relevant in terms of words and also invoke really strong feelings and experiences. I will never be able to unlink most of them from my unconscious and they will ALWAYS be the sound of my growth and youth between the years 13-18. They are all special songs. And have/are ultimately helping/ed by them in coming to terms with my unique and utterly generalised life experiences. They are fabulous, I hope you connect with some of them as I did.

  • Taylor Swift (Cover by Izzie Naylor) by Fifteen
  • Fiona Apple Acoustic Cover by Werewolf
  • WILD HEART (Stevie Nicks Cover) By Dead On Camera by Dead on Camera
  • At Seventeen by Dan Lacy 1
  • Beyonce by Runtheworld11
  • Rilo kiley by Rilo Kiley
  • Love for a child (Jason Mraz) by serenader_music
  • Ordinary People by John Legend
  • The Road by Frank Turner
  • FREE FALLIN' (Live) by John Mayer
10 tracks
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