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just like r u n a w a y s

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i would just like to say thank you for making this playlist. it inspired me to write my first mikayuu fanfic and it has neatly 10000 reads now as i approach the last chapter. :D

@sasakiis yesss omg there are so many good songs on this playlist!! Joey, P!ATD, 5SOS (my husbands)... omg i was fangirling so hard in class :D :D i love this playlist too much for words!!

@hanlovespasta omg im class?? I would freak out in class too tbh -//- and thank you soo much i'm surprised no one had Joey's song and ughh i was literally going to add more songs like these on but convinced myself not too. I just love P!aTD and 5SOS

@sasakiis also joey's music video for don't wait legit killed me o.o; ! yessss p!atd and 5sos are so amazing!! do you like fall out boy too? or all time low? haha i love too many bands xD