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@Sashair @BLZGTA can you suggest me artists to listen to? and sorry, I know it has nothing to do with 8tracks, but I like your music taste, so I think I could as well like your movies taste. can you suggest some good movies? thanks

@BLZGTA It is hard to think of some particular artist because I like a lot of music, but still I'd recommend you to listen to more songs from AL-90. I usually create mixes based on the songs I like the most so probably you would like some from my other mixes:) As for films, it is the same as with music - I watch different films and can hardly guess which of them may appeal to you. So if you don't mind I will just write down some of my favourites: "The Mirror" by Andrei Tarkovsky, "Alice in the Cities" by Wim Wenders, "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya" by Isao Takahata. Hope you'll like some of them or at least won't find them too boring!

@Sashair @BLZGTA I know what you mean, I was a bit too general. These are very nice tips! Thank you, I appreciate them :) I love Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders. I know so little about Russian movies, I watched only Leviathan I think, do you have more?

@BLZGTA Thanks for Paris, Texas, I'll watch it! Well, for me Leviathan is far from being really great. In fact, I didn't like it at all. Apart from what has already been mentioned, I personally adore/like/conisder worth watching these Russian movies: "Nostalghia", "Anrei Rublev" (both by Andrei Tarkovsky); "ASSA" (АССА), "Direct Heirness" (Наследница по прямой), both by Sergei Solovyov; "A Slave of Love" by Nikita Mikhalkov; "A Noisy Day" (Шумный день) by Georgi Natanson and Anatoli Efros. I'm sure you can watch at least some of them with English subtitles.