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a thousand years

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hey margaret, feel free to delete this comment as soon as you get it. i just wanted to say that we weren't very close friends, but when you left it hit me really hard. i'm so glad you're doing okay, if there's anything i can do, please tell me. i wish there was some way we could keep in contact. i love you very very much, -shir

okay ive literally been sitting here for like an hour trying to figure out a coherent response to this so if this doesn't make sense I'm sorry im a nerd


im just,,,, really sorry that i left and to be honest one of my biggest regrets was that i never really got the chance to be better friends with people like you and just,,,, i miss you all a lot (like im pretty sure my friend is entirely done with me talking about you guys but she went through something similar so at least she understands) and im sorry ive been such a wimp about like,,, getting in contact with you guys bc ive debated saying something in a comment on one of issy's mixes or something but for the longest time my mom was watching everything i did and i didn't want to get in even more trouble,,, but like,,, now she's kind of relaxed??? and i might possibly have a way to come back but im not sure yet if im willing to risk it bc if i get caught it would mean unbelievable trouble but anyways

also i wanted to ask if rami and stacey and scott and emerson are okay bc i haven't been able to find their accounts or anything on here and i know last time i came back stacey and scott were gone and there had been a big fight but,,, i just wanted to see if they're okay

thank you so much